‘CLOSER’ was born in the period of Corona crisis. It is a performance of 20min. format. Each performance hosts only 1 (bubble of) audience in a space.  The performer will use a candle and incense during the performance, the program consists of classical and contemporary piano solo works. Through this performance, the experience of social distance and isolation turns into personal, individual, and unique spiritual journeys to celebrate and embrace lives.


Gabriele Fauré : Improvisation Op.84-5

Liisa Hirsch : Vseva’s Light (2008)

Karen Tanaka : Crystalline II(1996)

          -1 min. silence-

Federico Mompou : Charmes VI : …pour appeler la joie

J.S.Bach : Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit BWV 106


J.S.Bach's music often has its special place for each individual, which is not an exception in György Kurtág's case as well.  

Kurtag made many Bach transcriptions for 4 hands and performed them with his wife Marta. Combining the music by Bach and Kurtag, 

this program tries to find new personalities to piano works by both composers.

Bach : Kleine Prelude in C-dur, BWV 924

Kurtag : Hommage à Farkas Ferenc 4 (from Jatékók)

Bach : Kleine Prelude in d-moll, BWV 926 

Bach : Wohltemperietes Klavier Nr.14, in fis-moll, Prelude

Kurtag : Hommage à Berényi Ferenc 70 (from Jatékók) 

Bach : Wohltemperietes Klavier Nr.14, in fis-moll , Fuga

Bach : Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge in d-moll BWV 903




Kurtag : Splinters

I : Molto agitato

II : Sostenuto

III : Vivo

IV : Mesto

 Bach : Französische Suite Nr. 5 BWV 816 in G-dur








Kurtag : Mijakónak (from Jatékók)

 Bach : Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit